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SEO Search Engine Optimization

Why Cliometrics ?

Right expertise: Cliometrics has the right methodology coupled with strategic thinking, backed by a powerful technology platform to accomplish search engine optimization goals.

Engineering Perspective: Cliometrics core team possesses a strong engineering foundation which has helped Cliometrics to establish close working relationships with product engineering companies. A strong engineering background also helps keep up with Google and other search engine changes and to stay abreast of the latest technical happenings.

Cliometrics methodology focuses on 4 areas:

Website  analysis  and  SEO  Audit:     How  your  website  is  designed,  written  and  coded  can dramatically affect its rankings in the search engine results. Updating your website to meet the current search engine ranking criteria will not only increase the site's relevance for your chosen key phrases, but will also increase its ranking.  Cliometrics strategic analysis of your web site will increases page rankings and help attract more visitors interested in doing business with you.

Keyword analysis and determination:   Analyze keywords related to industry/domain, study the competitors’  strategy  and   build-up  the  Keyword  Directory  with  root  keywords  at  the  top. Cliometrics uses leading search engines’ keyword suggestion tools to analyze keywords. Our keyword density checking method helps to improve the performance of keywords determination. Based  on extensive industry  research,  as  well  as  competitive analysis,  we select  a  list  of 40-50 keywords which have good search volume (Medium to High) and lower competition (Medium to Low). Then we expand the keyword directory by a factor of four to five, as compared to the size of initial directory (e.g. 50x5=250 key words), by creating secondary key words (i.e. variations of the root key words). Then we divide this Keyword Directory into 3 phases. In the first phase, we select those key words

where we can make a quick impact on your search position and organic traffic. Then your web site structure and all its pages are analyzed for accommodating all these key words.  New pages are created as required and internal linking strategy is also defined. We make sure that we don’t include more than 5 key words/page. After we accomplish our goals for these key words, we repeat the same for remaining key words, while maintaining the ranking achieved for first set of key words. Since selection of right keywords is extremely important, we invest significant amount of time in coming up with best set of key words and design a long term SEO strategy for your business

Link Building: The number and authority of the links to your site is also an important factor in determining how well your site will rank with some search engines. Best practice is that the sites should cover the same topics as your linking page in both directions. Cliometrics approach is a measured build-up of quality sites linking in (building & regularly updating a directory of sites which are either community, forums, associations, portals, product companies in your domain) which should not only increase site ranking but also increase the visitor traffic.

Search Engine Submissions: Cliometrics has a strategic approach to submit site URL in various TIER1 and TIER 2 level Search Engines. Our systematic submission approach reaches over 120 direct and indirect search engines. These search engine submissions will result in better ‘crawls’ and enhance overall search engine ranking.

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