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Scratch Cards & Calling Cards

We are a leading producer of custom Scratch and Calling cards. Our in-house design team and knowledgeable account specialists will take your project from start to finish and help you find the best options for your business.

Scratch cards & Calling Cards are manufactured on dedicated production line with superior inkjet technology for personalisation and tamper proof proprietary/ general holographic scratch foils. Ideally suited for mobile phone prepaid facility and product promotional schemes.

We are always looking forward in getting more business and greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits


Scratch off cards grab your fans' attention because they want to play the game and enjoy being surprised...It's natural human curiosity.


People Interact with scratch cards 10x more than coupons, meaning more brand and message exposure. Don't rely on passive marketing methods. Get interactive!


When people win a prize they want to receive that prize, even if it's the same discount they would get with a coupon. What can we say? People love to win something...anything!

Common Sizes

Additional sizes available upon request.

Call for samples Today !!!

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