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Support 24x7

Cliometrics has a dedicated team to provide technical support services and handle all back-office operations. We help you provide excellent support to your clients through Phone, Email & Chat. Equipped with state-of-art infrastructure and latest technologies

We offer a three level support system. The first level consists of technicians who answer and respond to customer queries over Phone, Email, Chat and trouble tickets through our documented knowledgebase. The second level of support consists of engineers who handle issues which are not taken care off at Level 1. These issues are usually complex and have not been previously documented in our knowledgebase.

The third level of support consists of senior officials and highly experienced engineers who handle complex situations which are not taken care off at Level 2. With these three levels we ensure all your customer’s problems are resolved in a timely fashion.

Send any support related queries to support@cliometrics.com

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