Content Security Management

Why Cliometrics ?

Right expertise:

Cliometrics has the right methodology coupled with strategic thinking, backed by a powerful technology platform to accomplish SECURE WEB CONTENT WITH DRM & COPY PROTECTION.

Engineering Perspective:

Cliometrics core team possesses a strong engineering foundation which has helped Cliometrics to establish close working relationships with product engineering companies.

Cliometrics will help to control the distribution of web based content to specific users.  It replaces existing insecure web based password mechanisms (there are no passwords for you to send, or for users to enter, manage, forget, or pass onto others) and it adds another layer of control (using encryption and DRM) to secure web pages against misuse

Web security gateways need protection from external and internal threats. Facing the challenges of eCrime, data leakage, and decreased productivity, companies become more and more vulnerable, and require a variety of defenses in order to protect their data and intellectual property.

Cliometrics Web Security Gateway works in real-time to filter malicious content as it enters your network, and analyzes http and ftp traffic for any trace of malicious, inappropriate, or otherwise restricted content and applications. In addition, it monitors all outgoing traffic with advanced Data Leak Prevention (DLP) features to keep information from leaking out of the organization.

Cliometrics recommended scope of activities:

viewing and printing (including how many times)

copying and sharing

modifying and saving

screen grabbing (Windows print screen and third party screen grabbers)

printing to file, PDF, or image printers

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